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    Cashmere And Silk


    The decision to make exclusive, high-quality collections drove Maurizio Tonti toward fine fabrics that would fully enhance the sense of style to be imprinted. Hence the careful study turned to the search for the most precious materials: cashmere and silk met this need.


    If we look back, we can remember how much the textile tradition related to craftsmanship was widely rooted in Umbria and, also in Rasiglia, since ancient times. From the production of cashmere knitwear to the finest embroidery this region boasts excellence in quality and technical expertise.


    Just as the “Rasiglia” pattern turns out to be amply enhanced by printing on fine silk both for reasons of style and for the enhancement of the colors used.
    The collections are unique and original even though they are patented: an exclusive two-ply yarn and on the level of quality sublime, as far as cashmere products are concerned, distinguished by luster, strength and uniformity of the fabric. For the 100% silk, crepe de chine and twille scarves.