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    Maurizio Tonti

    Maurizio Tonti

    Maurizio Tonti starts his career as Architect, although his professional life has been marked by various influences since the beginning: architectural and urban planning, art and design.

    The absolute masterpiece that stands out in the professional activity of Maurizio and Giovanni, his brother and architect too, is having given new life to Rasiglia, a small village nestled in the heart of Umbria and place of their childhood. The desire to ideally come back right there, where it all began, to light up the memory of the father and the intimate need to realize an attempt at architecture free from external influences, led to the recovery of many buildings and the characteristic water channels aimed at the aesthetic and architectural enhancement of the village.
    This has been done in addition to the purchase of some spaces that have fallen into disuse, including the former Accorimboni woolen mill, a space in which artistic concepts, craft and style creations inspired by Rasiglia and the surrounding nature are shaped.

    Passion and Talent

    His passion and talent in the artistic field, mainly oriented towards painting and figurative art, lead Maurizio Tonti to gradually focus on the creation of pictorial works, with special emphasis regarding the Geometries of Nature and algorithmic motifs derived from the observation of it: they represent his main focus of inspiration. Hence the possibility and desire to use precisely those decorative motifs and geometries on another type of composition, that represented by woven cashmere scarves and stoles and silk foulards.
    The opportunity to make unique and exclusive a typically female accessory, with a sophisticated tone, a Made in Italy style icon par excellence, becomes almost an aesthetic challenge for the designer who wants to imprint a unique artistic mark on this fashion object. A project that wants to resurrect Rasiglia to its former glory in the field of jacquard weaving. Thus were born innovative handcrafted creations designed in Rasiglia and one of a kind.